MSDN Magazine septiembre 2007

Ya disponemos del número 09 la revista mensual MSDN Magazine.

- ASP.NET: ScriptManager Enables AJAX In Your Web Apps -- Ben Rush
- Find It: Integrate Search Into Your Site With ASP.NET -- Marco Bellinaso
- Networking: Get Connected With The .NET Framework 3.5 -- Mariya Atanasova, Larry Cleeton, Mike Flasko, and Amit Paka
- IIS 7.0: Extend Your WCF Services Beyond HTTP With WAS -- Dominick Baier, Christian Weyer, and Steve Maine
- Unit Testing: Exploring The Continuum Of Test Doubles -- Mark Seemann

- CLR Inside Out: COM Connection Points -- Thottam R. Sriram
- Basic Instincts: Lambda Expressions -- Timothy Ng
- Cutting Edge: AJAX Application Architecture, Part 1 -- Dino Esposito
- Team System: Work Items and Undo Support -- Brian A. Randell
- Foundations: Workflow Communications -- Matt Milner
- Security Briefs: Exploring Claims-Based Identity -- Keith Brown
- .NET Matters: Tales from the CryptoRandom -- Stephen Toub and Shawn Farkas
- { End Bracket }: Turning the Pages with WPF -- Tim Sneath

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