Beta tester de Office 2010: El programa Technical Preview ha empezado

Me acaba de llegar la invitación para participar en el las pruebas de Microsoft Office 2010

Welcome to the Microsoft® Office 2010 Technical Preview Program!

We are excited that you have joined this select group to be among the first people in the world to experience Microsoft Office 2010.

Here you will find downloads available for early, pre-release versions of Microsoft Office 2010 products.

Below, you will find a number of articles and downloadable documents with product information. We recommend using the Office 2010 Reviewer’s Guide as the first resource to help you get started in discovering the new capabilities in the products. The Tips & Tricks will help you discover new functionality as you get to know Office 2010 better.

There is no technical support available for this program and so we encourage you to engage with our product teams and other Technical Preview program participants through the newsgroups. Please take a moment to provide Send-a-Smile feedback through your sad/happy faces in your task pane. We will periodically post surveys for you to share your experiences that help us understand your needs.

By submitting feedback, you can actively assist the Office 2010 team to identify important issues and to help ensure that the product is reliable and meets customer needs. While we read every request, we are unable to send a response to each submission. We may contact you directly if we have further questions regarding your feedback.

Thank you for your participation!

32-bit and 64-bit builds

Office 2010 is available in a 64-bit edition for 64-bit Windows operating systems. With Office 2010 64-bit edition, advanced users will be able to leverage the increased memory capabilities of 64-bit computing and harness this capability for analysis and manipulation of very large data sets and documents. You are still able to install the 32-bit edition of Office 2010 on a 64-bit Windows operating system to continue using

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  • Mario Yllescas says:

    A mi tambien me llego la invitacion y lo instale en mi laptop (lenovo 3000n200) pero resulta que al levantar el outlook se levanta el lsass.exe y se come de 35 a 45% del procesador!!!!! :S

    Lo deje unos minutos por siacaso pero luego de 10 seguia con el mismo comportamiento :S

    Me he quedado con el resto de programas menos el outlook.


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