Acer all-in-one Z5600: Windows 7 disponible el 23 de octubre

Acer ha confirmado que Windows 7 estará disponible en su nuevo modelo de computadora all-in-one Z5600 a partir del 23 de octubre, no a finales de enero del 2010, como Microsoft venia diciendo.

“el 23 de octubre es la fecha en que Windows 7 estará disponible. Hay un tiempo de actualización de 30 días para los clientes que compren el nuevo equipo con Windows Vista, por lo que si usted compra durante ese período de 30 días, obtendrá una actualización gratuita para Windows 7 “, dijo Bobby Watkins, MD de Acer Reino Unido.[Source]

El nuevo modelo all-in-one Z5600 ésta específicamente diseñado para Windows 7.

Aprovechando esta anotación referente a Windows 7, aquí las nuevas características del RC

- Remote Media Streaming: Enables highly secure, remote Internet access to home-based digital media libraries from another Windows 7-based PC outside the home.

- Windows XP Mode: Utilizing Windows Virtual PC, Windows XP Mode allows Windows 7 users to run many Windows XP productivity applications, launched right from the Windows 7 desktop. Windows XP Mode will be available to Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate customers via download or, for the best experience, pre-installed directly on new PCs. As part of today’s announcement, Microsoft is releasing the beta of Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC. For larger businesses where management is important to reduce the total cost of ownership, Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) within MDOP adds management to Windows Virtual PC including centralized policy, administration experience and deployment.

- Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor: To help enable a smooth transition, Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor will help people analyze their PCs in preparation for a Windows 7 upgrade. Available soon, Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor will be a downloadable tool that will help people determine their ability to upgrade from their Windows XP-based or Windows Vista-based PC to Windows 7.

- Refined navigation: Several enhancements to the Windows taskbar, JumpLists and search make navigation and finding exactly what you want much easier.

- Internet Explorer 8. InPrivate browsing in Internet Explorer 8 prevents browsing history, temporary Internet files, form data, cookies, and usernames and passwords from being retained by the browser. With Windows 7, you can start an InPrivate session straight from the JumpList. You can also open a new tab from the JumpList.

- Windows Touch: Controlling the computer by touching a touch-enabled screen or monitor is a core Windows 7 user experience. Improvements in the RC include several Windows Touch updates, including the ability to drag, drop and select items with touch, even inside Web sites that scroll both horizontally and vertically. [Source]

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