iMPware: Sincronizar iPod con Windows Media Player

iMPware es un pequeño pugin que nos permite sincronizar cualquier iPod, sin la necesidad de tener instalado el iTunes, haciendo uso del Windows Media Player.
Soporta todo los iPod incluyendo los últimos modelo iPod Classic G2 y iPod Nano G4.

iMPware is a plugin that allows syncing of any iPod with Windows Media Player! (10 and Up) You won’t have to worry about losing your music again because of iTunes and it’s easily corrupted settings. This plugin is only 391 kilobytes after installation so you won’t have to worry about disk space! Your already so familiar with WMP why would you want to use anything else? This plugin is for all you smart folks who cannot stand Apples programs for Windows PC and we promise you that you will not regret the installation!

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