Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 2 será lanzado el 28 de abril

Microsoft recientemente anunció el próximo lanzamiento del SP2 de Office 2007, pero no se conocía hasta hoy la fecha exacta de su lanzamiento.

El lanzamiento oficial será el 28 de abril y estará disponible para descargar desde Windows Update y Windows Server Update Services(una herramienta corporativa de actualización). Obviamente, lo más probable es que también se filtre en un torrent o mediante rapidshare.

Entre las novedades anunciadas tenemos:
- Soporte nativo de archivos ODF (Open Document Format)
- Creación de documentos PDF
- Soporte de PDF 1.5, PDF/A, ODF 1.1 y Microsoft XPS
- Soporte de documentos OOXML
- Mejora en el desempeño Outlook

Changes that impact desktop applications
- Service Pack 2 adds the ability to open, edit and save documents in version 1.1 of the OpenDocument Format for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These applications now let users save, open, and edit files as OpenDocument Text (*.odt), OpenDocument Spreadsheet (*.ods), and OpenDocument Presentations (*.odp).
- The 2007 Microsoft Office Service Pack 2 is the first service pack to support uninstall of client updates through the Microsoft Service Pack Uninstall Tool for the 2007 Microsoft Office Suite as well as via Windows Installer command line. The Service Pack Uninstall Tool will be available as a separate download.
- Save As PDF/XPS support has been built into the SP2 of these Office applications. Users no longer have to download the add-in separately.
- When many graphic objects are present performance has been improved.
- In many scenarios, expect increased print fidelity of graphical objects.
- Improved interoperability using standard DrawingML markup to describe the visual properties of the SmartArt graphic.

Last October, we announced the upcoming release of the 2nd service pack for the 2007 Microsoft Office System and the 2007 Microsoft Office. Today, we’re happy to provide both a formal release date, and more details on what you should expect to see in SP2.

A fair amount has been said about SP2 already, but there is a lot more to share. We’ll cover the highlights here, but please check back on April 28th when all of our documentation will be published. It is important to remember that the information provided today is by no means a comprehensive list. We worked with the individual teams in Office to come up with a list of changes that they were most proud of and felt would be most beneficial to you, our valued customers.

In addition to the numerous product improvements introduced by SP2, you may also notice that our SP2 documentation has been overhauled. Gone are the days of the long-winded or too sparse knowledge base articles that do little to describe what’s included in the actual service pack or that include details that may not be what you are looking for. In their place are what we hope are more user-friendly and informative KB’s. The technical information still exists, but it has been pulled from the main KB articles and now will live on TechNet. And, back by popular demand, is the spreadsheet listing individual bugs that were fixed across all of our products.[MoRe]

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