Windows 7 .NET Interop Sample Libraries: Programar en Windows 7

Windows 7 ofrece nuevas funcionalidades que los desarrolladores pueden aprovechar en sus aplicaciones para proporcionar a los usuarios finales nuevas experiencias y mejorar la productividad.

Taskbar Sample .NET Interop Library permite a los desarrolladores:
- Crear y manupular JumpLists incluido tareas e ítems
- Mostrar Dynamic Overlay Icons, Thumbnail Toolbars
- Usar el Taskbar progress bar
- AeroPeek(Control Custom Thumbnail Preview y custom Preview)

Windows 7 Library Sample .NET Interop Library
- Manipular y controlar las librerías de Windows, incluyendo la creación de nuevas librerías o la eliminación de las existentes.
- Agregar o remover la ubicación física de una librería
- Colocar un icono a cada librería
- Enumerar el contenido de la ubicación física de la librería

Sensor and Location .NET Interop Sample Library
With the Sensor and Location .NET Interop Sample Library, developers are able to create strongly typed custom sensor objects as well as use three built-in sensors: Accelerometer3D Sensors, Light Sensors, and Touch Array Sensors. These sensors are part of the Windows 7 Sensor Development kit.
This library also provides a unified location API for asking the common question of, “Where am I?” The nice thing about the Location platform is that developers can use the same APIs regardless of the underlying technology that is actually providing the answers, such as GPS, Wi-Fi triangulation, or IP Resolver.
The Library also includes a few demos like a light-aware MSDN Reader that changes the way the content displays according to the amount of light picked up by the Light Sensor.

Multi-Touch Sample .NET Interop Library
the current API is native and in the near future Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) 4 will include full support of Multi-Touch in Windows 7. However, for the time being, the Multi-Touch Sample .NET Interop Library provides developers with full Multi-Touch functionality for both WinForms and WPF 3.5 SP1. The library includes few demos for reference, including detailed samples showcasing Multi-Touch gestures support, Manipulation and Inertia for both WinForms and WPF.

En el Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 tambien pueden encontrar documentacion y ejemplos

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