Download Fennec alpha: Descargar Fennec, el Firefox para dispositivos móviles

Ya se encuentra disponible la versión alpha de Fennec en los repositorios de Mozilla.

Fennec es el navegador web para dispositivos móviles de la fundación Fennec.

En el video podemos observar el funcionamiento de Fennec sobre Windows Mobile, donde se muestra su funcionamiento por pestañas, extensiones, complementos.

In this video, we give you a tour of Mozilla Fennec Alpha. Though the program is totally unstable and difficult to use, we get some glimpses of what Mozilla has in store for its upcoming mobile browser, which brings several elements of Firefox 3 to handheld devices.

First, we see the tray-like organization of open tabs, complete with a thumbnail for ease of reference. Then, we see the extendability of the address bar, which offers suggestions plus gives quick access to several search engines. We also get a view of the extension/add on interface

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