Sistema de votación vía SMS en C#

Un sistema de votación vía SMS, desarrollado usando Visual Studio .NET 2005 CTP Agosto, SQL Mobile 2005 y SMS Message Interceptor

Ta da, well I’ve finally finished Version 1.0 of my SMS Voting solution, the system supports up to 10 Polls each with their own validated scored criteria.
The idea is that people can send a simple SMS/Text with their vote for a Poll from any phone that supports SMS. It’s a pretty complete vote system and it works!!
If you were at the TechEd Oz “What’s New in Framework V2″ Hour of power then this was the app I was running to record your votes. It takes around 5 minutes to receive around 200 votes via SMS, the gating factor is the network providers ability to forward the SMS Messages to the phone. At it’s peak the phone happily deals with a couple of messages per second.

Usa las siguientes tecnologías:
+Windows Mobile V5 Smartphone or the Smartphone V5 Emulator (V5 is a requirement as it needs SMS Message Intercept hooks provided by this version of the OS
+Compact Framework V2 SQL Mobile 2005
+SMS Interceptor in Windows Mobile V5
+Compact Framework B2 Visual Studio 2005 (ideally the August 2005 CTP)

Puedes descargar la documentación, el código fuente, o los archivos cabs.
+SMS Voter Documentation V1.0
+SMS Voter Compiled Cabs V1.0
+SMS Voter Source Code V1.0

La solución tiene dos partes:
1. The SMS Vote Monitor -- It shows the current list of polls defines and their status and number of votes received since started
2. The SMS Vote Manager -- It allows you to define the polls and allows simple on device reporting and exporting of data.

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