Download windows 7 Build 6956 (Pre Beta)

El windows 7 Build 6956 presentado recientemente en el WinHEC China ya se encuentra disponible para descargar en las redes BitTorrent en formato VirtualPC VHD y convertido en ISO DVD.

Windows 7 build 6956 Setup Install DVD ISO Image -- Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Windows 7 build 6956 Setup Install DVD ISO Image

- Desktop font no longer has problem when using Desktop Slideshow as background wallpaper rotator.
- More Windows Aero features.
- A lot more new desktop background wallpapers.
- New Windows 7 start screen.
- Increase in the Windows Experience Index which is now ranging from 1.0 to 7.9, which can be hacked to change the score.
- New icons for some programs, such as Task Manager, even the options icons inside it are updated.
- No more Quick Launch bar.
- Media Center gadget now works properly, and then MediaCenter gadget is of bigger size with new initialization setup screen.
- Right click on running application button or icon on Taskbar will open Jumplist.
- Desktop Preview works.

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