Visual Studio 2008 para Desarrolladores C# 3.0

Este curso de entrenamiento está diseñado para desarrolladores C#, al completar el entrenamiento estarán capacitados para desarrollar aplicaciones Windows y Web haciendo uso eficiente de Visual Studio 2008

Paso 1: Break Through with Visual Studio 2008 White Paper
This white paper discusses key features of Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio Team System that raise the bar for client, Office, Web, and mobile application development, and that aid in application lifecycle management. It explains how Visual Studio 2008 can help development teams of all sizes to: improve developer productivity, deliver breakthrough user experiences, effectively communicate and collaborate, improve software quality, and enhance visibility into project status and quality.

Paso 2: Lo nuevo en Visual Studio 2008
This topic contains information about some of the new features and enhancements in Visual Studio 2008.

Paso 3: Introduction a Visual C# 2008 Express Edition
This introductory video covers the main features of the Visual C# 2008 Express Edition, and walks you through some of the most common tasks you’ll be doing as you create your programs. By the end of this video, you’ll be more familiar with the development environment and able to get started creating your first application. Some of the topics covered in this video are: Setup, Creating a Project, The Windows Form Designer, Writing C# code, Compiling, Running and Saving your project, Errors and Debugging, Project Files, Properties and Customization, Data, and Where to go from here.

Paso 4: Lo nuevo en Visual C# 3.0?
This lab walks you through the new features of C# 3.0 such as Auto-implemented properties, Implicitly typed local variables, Implicitly typed arrays, Extension methods, Lambda expressions, Expression trees, Object and collection initializers, Query expressions, and Anonymous types.

Paso 5: Construyendo Web Applications con Visual Studio 2008
In this lab you will use the powerful new CSS editor in Visual Studio 2008 to manage style sheets in web pages. You will also try out other new tools like the new DataPager control and the new LINQ Data Source.

Paso 6: Clinic 5230: Desarrollando Enhanced Web Experiences con Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Extensions
In this 2-hour clinic you will learn about the rich functionality that ASP.NET AJAX Extensions provides for building highly responsive and enhanced web applications.

Paso 7: LINQ Hands On Labs para Visual Studio 2008
These LINQ Hands-on Labs provide an introduction to the LINQ Project. Learn basic LINQ features, including the Standard Query Operators, and see how these features can be used against in-memory collections, connected databases, and XML documents. The labs also provide a clear picture of the relational data access support provided by the LINQ Project, referred to as LINQ to SQL. The language integrated query framework for .NET (codenamed “LINQ”) is a set of language extensions to C# and Visual Basic and a unified programming model that extends the .NET Framework to offer integrated querying for objects, databases and XML.

Paso 8: Microsoft Learning–Client Application Services

After completing this lab you will be more familiar with: New features and improvements made in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Client Application Services, and Windows Forms and WPF interoperability.

Paso 9: Lo Nuevo en Windows Communication Foundation y Windows Workflow Foundation en Visual Studio 2008
This 90-minute webcast demonstrates the top ten new features in Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5 for Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation. This includes tools that cover both technologies for building workflow-enabled services.

Paso 10: How Do I: Construyendo aplicaciones WPF estándar
In this video you will learn how to build a standard WPF application using Microsoft Visual Studio.

Paso 11: How Do I: Creating Navigation Applications in WPF
There are 2 types of standalone applications in WPF, a standard WPF application which is more like the traditional windows application and a navigation application which is similar in some ways to a web application. A navigation application utilizes a navigation window to move from page to page. This presentation demonstrates how to create a WPF Navigation Application.

Step 12: WinForms-Inheriting Controls
The video shows how to inherit from existing WinForms Controls to customize a particular behavior. Inheriting from Control is easy and an effective way to standardize your UI for validation and functionality across your organization.

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