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Si bien es cierto existe una biografía detallada de Barack Obama, presidente de los Estados Unidos, en la wikipedia , en el libro titulado “Barack Obama A Biography” pueden obtener mayor información sobre su vida, familia, trayectoria política y la campaña política.

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Barack Obama A Biography
Barack Obama splashed onto the political scene with an inspirational, rousing speech at the Democratic National Convention in July 2004. From that night on, Obamamania was very real. He is bold and audacious; his rhetoric fiery, convincing and very compelling. He encourages cross-over appeal, discourse, affiliation, and has drawn many Americans, including today’s youth, into politics. This is the story of a man of mixed race heritage who inspires, listens, compromises, and is often bipartisan. With a charismatic smile and a cadre of “change we can believe in,” many believe that he embodies the American dream. Thousands have turned out to hear the dynamic senator from Illinois speak as he campaigns to become the next President of the United States. Barack Obama says that his story could only take place in America, and this revealing biography traces the events of his remarkable life thus far. From his upbringing in humble circumstances in Hawaii and Indonesia to becoming the fifth African American senator in U.S. history, and later, a presidential candidate, this well-researched volume highlights the hardships and successes, the people who most influenced his career, his personal life, and his meteoric rise to pop icon status. Rounded out with photos, a timeline, a bibliography, and an index, this volume is a must-read for high school and undergraduate students of current events and political science.

Table of Contents:
- Series Foreword
- Introduction
- Timeline: Events in the Life of Barack Obama
- Chapter 1 Family History
- Chapter 2 Formative Years in Hawaii and Indonesia
- Chapter 3 College and Community Activism in Chicago
- Chapter 4 A Trip to Kenya and Harvard Law School
- Chapter 5 Teaching Constitutional Law, Marriage, Family, and Illinois State Politics
- Chapter 6 The Senator from the State of Illinois
- Chapter 7 Bestselling author, Michelle Obama, and Another Trip to Africa
- Chapter 8 Obamamania, an Exploratory Committee, and the Announcement
- Chapter 9 The Campaign for Presidency
- Chapter 10 Conclusion
- Bibliography

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