BlackRa1n trabaja en el firmware 3.1.2 del iPod Touch 3G y iPhone 3GS

GeoHot ha confirmado que BlackRa1n, la herramienta universal para hacer jailbreak a los dispositivitos iPhone 3GS y iPod Touch, que inicialmente tenían firmware 3.1, sigue funcionando en el nuevo firmware 3.1.2 lanzado hace unos instantes por Apple.

phew, dodged a bullet with 3.1.2…still vulnerable and blackra1n worked perfectly on my 3gs.

but blackra1n still has other issues, payload stability, support for old devices(my cache trick doesn’t work), and untethering the ipt3..

the method i was using to strap back to the payload isn’t sustainable…theres gonna be a delay while i reverse how IRQs work in the LLB

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